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  • Do you accept returns?
    Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. However, if you would like to fill out a return request, please head over to our returns page. You can find the link at the bottom of our site.
  • Do you offer return shipping?
    Please note that as a socially minded small business shop, we are currently unable to offer free return shipping. Thank you for your support and understanding.
  • Why does Lippy Lu prioritize artisans with Intellectual Disabilities?
    At Lippy Lu we choose to invest into adults with Intellectual Development Disabilities or I/DD because we think that we can be doing better as a society to make room for this underserved population. Here are some statistics that motivate us to make meaningful and long lasting changes in employment opportunities for those with I/DD. -The 2020 US Bureau of Labor Statistics found that 82.1% of persons with disabilities are unemployed. This was an increase from their 2016 study that show that 80% of persons with a developmental disability are unemployed or underemployed. -In the next decade, 707,000 to 1,116,000 will enter adulthood and age out of school based services. (Autism Speaks) -Nearly 1/2 of 25-year olds with autism have never held a paying job. (Autism Speaks) -More than half of young adults with autism remain unemployed and unenrolled in higher education in the two years after high school. This is a lower rate than that of young adults in other disability categories, including learning disabilities, intellectual disability or speech-language impairment. -Of the nearly 18,000 people with autism who used state-funded vocational rehabilitation programs in 2014, only 60 percent left the program with a job. Of these, 80 percent worked part-time at a median weekly rate of $160, putting them well below the poverty level. -Nearly half of 25-year-olds with autism have never held a paying job. -According to research, jobs that encourage independence reduce autism symptoms and increase daily living skills. -The cost of caring for autism reached $268 billion in 2015 and would rise to $461 billion by 2025 in the absence of more-effective interventions and support across the life span. -The majority of autism’s costs in the U.S. are for adult services – an estimated $175 to $196 billion a year, compared to $61 to $66 billion a year for children.
  • Are you accepting new art for your Lippy Lu labels?
    Currently, all of our artists come through our partner, LINC-d. To see if you are eligible to become a LINC-d artist, please click on this link. LINC-d
  • Is Lippy Lu a 501 (c) (3)?
    Although we are a purposeful business with a mission to provide employment for people w with disabilities, Lippy Lu is not operating as a non profit.
  • Do you sell Wholesale?
    Thank you for your interest in selling Lippy Lu in your store. We do have wholesale pricing. If you are interested, please head to our WHOLESALE page under IMPACT on our menu.
  • Do you have a brick and mortar location?
    Right now Lippy Lu is only online. Thanks for supporting us!
  • Do you offer any discounts or promotions?
    Yes - there are a few ways to save when ordering Lippy Lu. -We offer bundles every day, which are always available and the cheapest way to purchase your products. Head to the product you want, and you will see discounts when you order in bundles. -Sign up for our newsletter, and you will be the first to know about any promotions at the bottom of our site.
  • How do I stay up to date on the latest happenings at Lippy Lu?
    Follow us on Social Media! You can also subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of our site.
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, Cartes Bancaires, China Union Pay, Apple Pay, Electron and Maestro.
  • How do I use my Gift Card or Discount Code
    When applying a gift card or discount code of any kind make sure to use exact spelling and punctuation. Our checkout process will prompt you to apply the code after you have entered your shipping information. If you do not see this section during your check-out experience please contact our Help Team at before you apply your payment. Please make sure before you complete your order that you verify if your discount was applied to your total purchase. This code will not be able to be applied at a later time. Multiple discount codes cannot be applied to your order.
  • Can I edited my shipping information after I have placed my order?
    Please reach out to us at with your request and include the updated shipping address and order number. We are only able to update shipping addresses if the order is still in our fulfillment center. Once an order has been dispatched or is in “pre-shipment,” we are unable to revise or alter the shipping address. We encourage you to review the tracking details and reach out to the mail carrier directly so they can assist you with your package. Please kindly note that the shipping address can only be updated to an address within the original country of destination.
  • How long does it take to receive my order?
    Your order is very important to us, and we are working diligently to get you your items you in the fastest time possible. Orders are typically processed in 4-5 business days and shipped within an estimated 7-10 business days. Due to the nature of our small batch production and our small staff, there will be times when it may take a little longer - especially during high demand times. In those instances, it may take up to two weeks to fulfill your order. If this happens, we will let you know that your order may take longer than expected and give you a new timeline. Your patience is greatly appreciated and we are so grateful for your patronage!
  • Where can I find shipping + tracking information
    For all questions about shipping, please refer to our Shipping + Tracking page located at the bottom of our site.
  • Why is my lip balm grainy sometimes
    Lip balm made with shea butter, like ours, can sometimes have a grainy texture. Those grains are parts or molecules of the shea butter that cooled off faster than the rest. Welcome to synthetic-free skin care. Shea butter is made up different fatty acids. These fats each have different melting points. As the butter is exposed to temperature fluctuations, some of the fats melt and then re-crystallize at different rates which results in a sandy texture. This happens when balm is exposed to extreme temperature changes (like in your car or directly exposed to the elements). We recommend you keep your balm cool and at room temperature to avoid crystalizing. If this happens to your balm, rest assured that your lip balm is still effective and safe to use!
  • Do you use nuts in your facility?
    Oils and butters derived from nuts that we use in our facility include: coconut oil and shea nut butter.
  • What if my lip balm goes through the dryer?
    Here is our best suggestion to removing lip balm from clothing: Soak clothing in boiling water with detergent. Repeat until the stain is removed. Set washing machine to high heat and wash with detergent.
  • How long do your products last?
    All of our products are made from real natural ingredients including various honey, milks, fruits, nuts and butters. They are all best if used 6 months from purchase.
  • Is there lanolin in your beeswax?
    No, our beeswax is pure and has not been mixed with lanolin. We do not use lanolin in our lip balms.
  • I'm having an allergic reaction to your lip balm. What could it be from?
    There are some instances where people react to lip balm and most commonly it’s from: Propolis in the beeswax. Propolis is a resinous mixture that honey bees produce by mixing saliva and beeswax with exudate (substance secreted by plants) gathered from tree buds, sap flows, or other botanical sources. It is used as a sealant for unwanted open spaces in the hive. Sensitivity to peppermint or other essential oils.
  • Do you offer free products?
    Unfortunately, we're too small of a company to give out free samples of our products to everyone who requests them. We keep our prices affordable so our customers can try our products without breaking the bank.
  • Why are the products different colors than before?
    We guarantee the quality and individuality of all our all natural products. As a result of the handmade nature of our products, many items will vary in color and/or size. You might notice variations from one order to the next. We do our best to provide the highest quality items, but variations do happen. Non processed beeswax can differ in color between lots and suppliers due the nature of the products. Rest assured that it's the same quality and same formula as the balm you've received before. We hold our handmade products in the most high esteem and we hope that you enjoy these variations as much as we do.
  • Are your products gluten free?
    We are not a certified gluten free facility. We do not use any known ingredients that are sourced from wheat, but we do not test for gluten in raw materials and therefore cannot guarantee there was no cross-contamination.
  • Do you test your products on animals?
    We do not test our products on animals and our suppliers have all verified that no animal testing has been performed on our ingredients.


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