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Indulgent bath salts that calms and relaxes the senses with the unique essence of honey and coconut milk.  Soak away a stressful day, unwind and relax with our Honey and Milk Bath Salts. For those that love to be pampered, indulge in this luscious Honey Bath.


Our fragrant bath salts are made in the US from sea salts and natural mineral pigments infused with rose essential oil for an indulgent bath. Featuring soothing honey and cocoonut milk, these bath salts infuse bath water with essential oils to soften and renew your skin.


Pour the contents in a warm bath, soak away a stressful day, unwind and relax. Relax and unwind as the natural fragrance gently perfumes your water and soothes your mind and body.


Each essential oil bath salt shot is packaged in a sturdy tube with a lid to keep their fragrance fesh. Our bath shots are the perfect gift for a loved one or to pamper yourself.


One Shooter - One to Two Uses

1.4oz | 20mL


given the nature of our products, all sales are final

Honey & Milk Bath Salt Shots

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  • Add to freshly drawn warm water half or all of Bath Salts. Allow salts time to dissolve and infuse soothing properties throughout bath water. Submerge whole body into tub. Relaxation awaits!

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