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For the softest and sweetest strawberry pout, you will  love this summertime drink inspired lip balm.


This beautiful Strawberry Lemonade Essential Oil Lip Balm is irresistible! It smells sweet, is long lasting and very moisturizing.


Infused with strawberries and lemon zest, your mind, body, and skin will feel  refreshed! Strawberry and Lemon Essential oils and shea butter can aid in healing dry, aggravated and cracked lips. 


15ml tube

given the nature of our products, all sales are final


A soothing lip balm with a great texture that keeps your lips hydrated for longer. We use just the right amount of essential oils - enough to be fragrant but not overwhelming.


Each tube is 15ml



Strawberry Lemonade Lip Balm

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  • Twist from the bottom and spread the balm by drawing in your lips and rub your lips against each other. If you wish to apply a lip stain, make sure you apply a lip balm first and allow it to settle down on your skin.

    Do not store in direct sunlight. Store upright when possible. We do not recommend storing in a bag, pocket, or in your car!

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